Monday, October 20, 2008


i got a call of rees the piece on a tuesday night around 10 o clock. he was informing me that he was down to dog ass 2 days off work and go to the tomatina festival in valencia! we thought it was only a 2 hour drive south of barcelona. we got fucking murdered by the toll roads! 50 euros there and back around $80!!!! we set up the tent and got a couple hours sleep. when we woke up people were walking past getting super drunk at 9 in the morning!!!!! so we got a firm grip of the bottle!!! the festival was amazing! it was actually held in buñol a town 30 mins west of valencia!!! if u ever get a chance to go there do ittttt!!!!
THE DRIVE HOME nutty. we slept in a sketchy petrol station in an industrial area. before stopping we needed to gas up. while pulling into the petrol station i notic ed a man sleeping on the bonnet of his car! so i leant out and YEAH YOUUED the fuck out of him. then realised the WHOLE park leading up to the gas station was full of gypsies and morrocans!!!! all sleeping on there cars. with whole familes sprawled out everywere! it was GNARRRLY!!! literally around 200-300 cars! with people sleeping on them, inside them, around them! it was mad sketchy! the following day on the way home neally every car driving beside us were gypsies and morrocons heading back to south france!! due to the endd of the holidays season! a lot of them drive down to south spain. take the boat to north africa and buy rugs, jewellery what ever and bring it back to sell!!! radness.

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C. Barhansen said...

dude! next time ur around fuckin tell me!
tomatino looks like some nasty fun somehow, I didn't even know about it.
don't miss to check out the clip eule just finished about the abandoned fabrics of continental u went to in hanover. U can find it on our blog

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