Saturday, September 26, 2009


lawrence is a proper boss for doing this jammy jam. it looks chillin but it didnt grind for shit. he had to do it mega light footed and sorta pop in. straight G.

we went to the raddest restaurant of all time. we paid like $30 australian and got hooked the fuck up. we had our own personal chef cooking us the most amazing foods!!! good good stuffs. kenny re-joined the trip...

stas is a pure bestmen. one of the funniest humans ive ever met. and an absolute beast of a skater. heel variel 14's for breakfeast "i like it! it is fun"

alexi is from russia. this old man was loike "hey alexi your flickr is the shit bro!!" i checked it out and now i know what he means! besides this alexi was the p[hotographer of the trip. and he is running an article in some sorta euro mag!! keep an eyey out.

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