Sunday, November 22, 2009


This was in the AUSTRALIAN WIDE sunday paper titled: "IS THIS THE WORST POSSIBLE WAY TO WAKE UP?"

THIS is what happens when you try to take an early-morning nap in the grounds of one of Sydney's top schools.

More than 12 armed police officers in five cars descended on Sydney Grammar School when its alarm went off early yesterday morning.

After searching the premises, they found a man with a skateboard had broken into the gated grounds.

In the ensuing short chase, the man attempted a quick escape by scaling the front fence of the school on College St.

But officers were too quick - cornering him and holding him at gunpoint. The man told police he was looking for somewhere to sleep.

As he was led to a paddy-wagon, he explained: "I figured it would be better to sleep in there than in the park.''

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