Monday, June 27, 2011


When we arrived to our hotel we were surprised to have such a picture perfect room. Little did we know that it was mosquito invested. I think i killed at least 20 mosquitos and in the end had to sleep full covered head to toe in blankets. The following day the room was covered in blood splattered mosquitos and we had to slide out to another hotel. After sorting out a new room we went on a boat tour with this funny old guy . . . we hired the whole boat for around 10 euros for the day ! ! ! it was incredible and also included a visit to a mud bath. During the day we also visited another amazing beach, yet again with no one in sight . . . I also had the first hedgehog encounter of my life!!! We also found a whole gang of turtles . . . Full length turtle documentary coming soon . . .

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WE THE LOONS. said...

2nd snap is well vibin!

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