Sunday, February 28, 2010

alan .vs. birdman!!!

alwan is back in australian. and has actually been back here for like a month. unfortunately he blew his knee out and needs pretty heavy surgery leaving him out of pocket like $8000 that he doesnt have. so if you see him out hobbling along buy him a beer. if you want to dontate him some money towards the operation email me. im shore he would be stoked!!!

on higher note. watching him trying to catch this bird one saturday morning when he first arrived was hilarious!!!!

ooking around . . .

it was a rainy sunday so we decided like many to go skate the abandoned school. when it dried up kiril celebrated by smashing an old computer!!! rad as bs smasher on the mini aswell. on the way back to bondi we scoped a dope ass view of the city and neally got stampeded by some funny old japenese tourists!!!

skateable australian pools are hard to find

we got our first ever pool grind on thanks to old school tony!!! cheers brew

Monday, February 1, 2010

forrest mini!!!

theres a bunch of cool spots up on the coast. especially the secret mini ramp located in the thickness of the state forrest!!! the girl in the photo at top is jana! she is a really good photographer. she took a bunch of the new years photos!!! thanks again jani. javier coca is also in the photo. cheeky columbian shredding bestmen!


a 4wd car can get you too some amazing places. we were going to try venture to this watefall on mud roads with our nice new hire car. thank god we opted for the 4wd or no doubt we would have been off the side of the road in a bush.

new years day!!!

it was new years day and we were all buzzed for a little adventure. so we bombed it up a rad mountain. javier bombed a sketchy as hill and nearly got destroyed head on by a car. i could hear some crackling and rumbling coming up through the bush. i thought it might have been a big ass goanna (largest australian lizard) but no some weird fatties. beware those koalas!!!

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