Wednesday, January 29, 2014


Cartagena really chewed us up and spat us out like a wasted piece of chicle. Jye broke the couch, himself and horse kicked me through a glass table and unfortunately left us there and had to head back to Australia.
One day while we were wondering the colorful alley ways we met this incredible old artist Guillermo, whose work was seriously something else. While browsing his collection we found an amazing painting of this young Caribbean child on a skateboard and we promised we would return the following day. When we returned to buy some prints he presented us 5 new paintings that he blasted out the after we left because he said he was inspired by our skateboards, what a guy and so bizarre to see a painting of former Mao Zedong the the founding father of the Peoples Republic of China.
A massive thanks to Camo and Maryam for showing us a wild wild time!  

Monday, January 27, 2014


The Caribbean coast of Colombia was next stop for the trip. We would arrive in Cartagena and make our way back down to Bogota by land. We didnt book a thing and when we arrived the Colombians hit the phones hard in search for  spot to lay our luggage. The centre of town was full of amazing paintings  that also seemed to sweat due to the extreme humidity. Javis mum Ruthcita once again saved the day. She called us up and told us her friend had a serviced apartment we could stay in. The area was a little Miami style but the massive 14th floor flat with a rooftop pool was better then the shoe box non air conditioned rooms we were paying the same amount for in the centre. After sorting out or sleeping arrangements we watched the sun sink into the ocean, presumably heading to Australia to wake our friends and family up while we faced threats of being shot by some sketchy street lurker.  

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