Saturday, August 15, 2009


word word word. i made it to china in one piece. shanghai is so so so amazing. the food is dirt cheap. 1 hour foot massages...$6! it is dirty and polluted. cheap public transport. biggest skatepark in the world. but unfortunatly the government has censored blogs, facebook, youtube and a lot of other stuffs due to some hectic shinnadigins. im going to try slip some blogs in through mary. so check a bunch . . .
i met keith today at the park. hes living here working and skating. and may i add still shredding at 48!!! he even hooked me ride back into town! cheers geezer.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009


After a well needed siesta i went for a long walk around the city. i found a lot of cool things when lurking backstreets, alley ways and i suppose the poorer areas just on the outskirts of the city. i found a massive gypsy market, the coolest thing in the world to skate, an old as abandoned muslim cementary in a sort of rain forresty over grown block, a cute cat,a muslim mans abandoned loafers, a street dawwwg and the best part of the day; the national arts school with an all you can eat buffet/party ting. after stacking endless food i was as tired as that little girl. time for the zzz's . . .

AVOID buses and public transport!!! random walks are the greatest!!! anything can happen! usually for the best!

Monday, August 10, 2009


i had a rad nights sleep. singsapore is only 2hours behind sydney so the let lad is proper zero. but adjusting to the humidity is a killer. so i woke up early to try and avoid the midday sun. no deal. at 8 it was already like 26 degrees.
i skated around town. down by the harbour and explored through china town. i found a bunch of amazing spots. im so surprised i havent seen them in any videos. wish there was someone here to film with ):
i was so psyched on the outside office. great views, smells and extreme humidity 24/7. oh the chinese temple is also extremly rad!!!
by the time it was 1 o'clock people were sleeping everywere. slobbed over park benches, onto of dumpsters. any shady spot sprayed with bopdies, so i bailed to the hostel for a little siesta . . . . .

Saturday, August 8, 2009


finaly im in asia!!! i left australia and it was 10 degrees arrived here to a scorching 32... and the humidity puts you to sleep. i stepped of the mrt and felt like i was getting blown in the face with a hairdryer.
after checking into my hostel. i bombed it to the indian district of town. theres a super rad temple there. some guys praying and chanting...otheres chilling reading a newspaper.
on the way back to the hostel i saw the dope spiral staircases tucked in an ally. well cool. of course i stacked a delicious eatdown for $2 (same in australian dollars). theres so so so many little hawker stalls around full of amazing cheap food. ive never seen more restaurants in my life.

Monday, August 3, 2009



too all my homies! sorry if i havent said goodbye, ive had no credit. im leaving for asia today. be shore to check skategypsy for daily updates!!! all my love! especially to miranda and steff. wishing u guys all the best on a safe trip to america. and good luck with the vegas weddings!!! and especially to m.j zille....


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