Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Mack the Rail Killer Mckelton . . . Mr unbreakable

Check 'Mack The Rail Killer Mckelton' MACHING some rails . . . MUST WATCH!!!!

Some of the youtube comments about the Mack :


We organized a share ride with some weird Czech guy who kept asking us if we knew any funny Jewish jokes. On the way to meet up with him we were already missing Niels dearly but we did see a Mack 'The Rail Killah' Mckelton poster. On the way outClose to the Czechy border there was a serious accident and traffic got banked up for miles upon miles. So we decided to venture out, have a little skate along he Autobahn and hit the hookah pipe. There was some serious Euro steeze on the German Autobahn that would even put Thomas Fuchs to shame. Hawian shorts, leather vest, thongs with sun burnt feet, gotta be some be an Austrian. After the jam and a few nollie flips it was onto Prague. The lady at the front desk at our hostel was killing it! Prague was nice as always, amazing city, but the amount of other tourists about kills the vibe fo sho. . .

Thursday, October 25, 2012


We went and spent Friday at this nice lake in the outskirts. There was lots of ducks that enjoyed eating from my toes, fat naked men and woman, a guy riding round selling cheap ice cold beers, we smoked out the whole lake and got served by the fat naked germans and Callum ate frogs. We then went up to this old abandoned communication spot were in the end we got kicked out by some guy claiming he was running it . . . and did i mention Niels was looking well fucking steezy.

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