Friday, October 31, 2014


Javi and I arrived back in Sydney from a long mission. 12 hour bus Huaraz- Lima (Peru), Flights: Peru - Argentina - Chile - New Zealand - Australia. Summer was just around the corner and tongues were flying. 

Monday, October 27, 2014


After a drunken night out we somehow along the line agreed to help out at this guys D.I.Y spot which was in the most incredible location by the beach! Poor Jules hadnt drank for over 6 months so he was feeling the resaca (hang over)! Ive got no photos of the barrier and thing we fixed up, but rest assured it was dog shit. In the cab ride back to the city some little kids erupted out of nowhere with skateboards and hitched a ride to the top of this hill, cab driver hammered it super fast through this dark tunnel and young homie held on for the ride!

Wednesday, October 22, 2014


Lima was a cool city to skate around. Lots of dusty, dirty spots and some real fun parks. On top of that there was just the craziness associated with being one of South Americas largest cities. 

Sunday, October 19, 2014


Adios USA, Buenos Dias Lima, Peru! On my way to Bolivia I opted to land in Lima, Peru as Max from 'Make Life Skate Life' had bought a big, red, old school bus and was going to pick up 40 plus guys from Lima. A lot of the European homies landed in Lima as it was substantially cheaper than flying straight to La Paz. Max had planned a 3-5 day road trip skating, camping and just some general gronking. The bus unfortunately broke down somewhere deep in the great Andean mountain range and all of us were left stranded in Lima.  
Although we were stranded it was all good times. First day some peruvian skater homies who were joining us to Bolivia took me under their wings and showed me around. They were super excited when we ran into this parade and one of them ran in and asked the hottest girl there to come and pose with me for a photo. Hence the embarrassed face Im wearing in the photo. Seriously spicy parade uniform though, hows them flames on the boots, wild fire. 

Sunday, October 12, 2014

The Real Bolivia Edit. By Cleveland Jake.

So hyped to have some serious dancing footage in the video, its about time someone respected these moves.

Also I have to take seriously take my hat off to Jake. I have been working on a documentary about the builders (all the guys you see in this edit) who actually built the park. It is really hard work making a video and Jake made this 100% free for the builders, who he himself poured a month of his life into the project building with his camera by his side.

He's a hard worker and a good bloody bloke, I hope you enjoy his film!

As for my edit, im trying too sell it at the moment to make back some money for the ticket I paid to get over there. Its finished and should be hopefully live very very soon.  

Condensed Flesh Issue 6 (La Paz) from Noid Films on Vimeo.


Alwan stole my gun virginity by taking me to the firing range. He owns a number of guns and is one mean shot! On our last day we went down to the Gullwing Bowl with Dicola and filmed a bunch of shit for this clip im working on from this week. I actually finished it 3 months ago but have been a lacker with uploading it. Probably, maybe not coming soon.

Thursday, October 9, 2014


Yancy being the legend that he is fixed up a big fat meal for all the boys at our buddies Squid's place. Bombed around some bars around Squidville. Poor big Eucalyptus is wearing the kiss of death. xxxxxx.Thankfully the boys dropped me back down to Alwan and we went on a little hiking mission to this amazing waterhole with a waterfall. its crazy that we were 'trespassing', there was all these big fences around and signs stating 'trespassers will be prosecuted' etc. Coming from a country where nature is freefor all to enjoy with not much red tape, its insane that within this urban area there was this complete oasis and it is illegal to go there. Anyways we barged down there and found this poor old dead turtle and what Alan believes was a mountain lion cave!!! Epic day!!!!!!

Wednesday, October 8, 2014



After an epic day we headed to a big ass casino, by memory it was called 'Oceans 11'. Yancys olds boogied down while we ate a whole bunch of deep fried treats and smashed IPA. Ive never seen such a diverse range of characters in one place at the one time. Its like a rainforest with a sea of strange humans going about their lives, but unlike the rainforest where u rarely spot animals, the humans are out in full force here.  
After the casino we mobbed to a bar down Encinitas way and caught up with a bunch of old friends, followed by near fight at the taco shop and riding home in the back of some truck. Memeory vague and hazy.  

Tuesday, October 7, 2014


Alwan is now of the booze and full of energy, waking me up like a little kid at 8am begging me to get up so we could go skate. We hooted up to meet the boys and wing around to some new parks in the Oceanside zone. An epic skate followed by some a grade fish tacos and cerveza's hooked up by Yancys work. Dicola sold some shirts for $23 and we were set to kick the weekend off.   


unsere nr1 from Ausgabe on Vimeo.

Congrats amigo! I feel for your patients for all the medical school practical classes you missed In Tarragona while you were up getting drunk and running a mischief with me in Barcelona! Hope to see you soon!

Monday, October 6, 2014


So this is going to make no sense at all. But the next few blogs are film photos from before the Bolivia trip. I was lucky enough to be able to go hang out with some good old friends in Encinitas for a week before the hell ride down south. So i guess it must have been some time in early April. Woke up after passing out the whole flight, jetted straight to the Amtrack and headed south were I was meeted and greeted with by Mr and Mrs Young. Alan lives on beef Jerky and Candy. We dumped my gear and went out for a skate at some guys mini but ended up just taking turns of fanging around his dirt bike track. 

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