Thursday, February 16, 2012


It was my final day in the UK and i joined my best man from my wedding Mathew Dorkings and his band Meansteed for their Rock N Roll show in Brighton. In London it was a beautiful Autumn day full of sunshine when we set off for Brighton in Adams van after some beans and eggs. Along the way in true U.K style the weather changed and the rain hit us out of nowhere. But that didnt stop us from a romantic stroll along the beach and some fish and chips for lunch.

The music was some serious next level rock n roll ear explosion and the energy was so freaking high in that place i cant even explain. Matty transformed into some devil child on stage and even ran through the crowd and climbed onto the bar and ran along it kicking glasses that were in his path while jamming a guitar solo. I also fell in love with another thrash band that played called Desolator, they even hooked me up and album and one of the songs will be used in the upcoming edit im working on from this trip!

A big thanks to Matty, Zorlac, Cates, Pete, Boots, Ronny, A Moss, Meansteed, Desolator and anyone else i met along the way! Was amazing to see everyone again and see everyone killing it in all aspects of life!

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To Buy/Stock/Distribute Gypsy Skateboards contact: