Sunday, November 30, 2008

sydney. happy bday getrad.

after a fuck off long flight im back in sydney. trying to sort 22 years of junk out is ruining my life right now! beer bo9ngs are dope! thanx for the bb yace! getrads bday was off the hook!

Friday, November 28, 2008



if u see this kyle mayne email me , hope all is rage!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

6hours from barcelona to pamplona!

the blogs over the next few weeks are from one of the funnest roadtrips! we had one little car. 1 tent, sleeping bags! oober amounts of alcohol. and the plan was the drive from barcelona to north spain "basque country" skate all the dope parks and then head to the legendary marsielle in south france!! check regularly over the next week for regular updates from this trip!!!!!

it was friday afternoon and me and yancy were charging home on bicings! my chain fucking snapped and i got jacked!!!! we were runnning late as we had to meet up with
rees the piece from englnd and best man from the wedding steak to leave on an epic adventure! rees worked for the hire car company. fortunatly for us he a car for 100 euros for 10 days!!! we picked up matty with some difficulties getting to the airport. ofcourse it was me and rees shotgun so it was reciepe for disaster as we are best budds but have a wierd big-little brother relationship. love ya mate. anways we bombed it off toll roads to pampolna were the running of the bulls is held. on the way yancy stalled the car while the car was halfway thrugh a 3 point turn on a highway!!!!!!!!!! a MASSSSIVE truck was coming straight beam at us! and he couldnt see us or our flights as the car was failing to!!!!! boom rees opened the door and was about to bail and lasts second the iary yance clicked her over. while happening matty was happily chewing away on his fat fuet cold sausage purchased from the last fuel station!! hahhaa rees maynes wet off sandwich was amazing too!!
pamplona was AMAZING!!! word up to those rad sprowtas for buying us drinks! why the helldid we bail to the other club? definatly a case of the blackout one as the vodka bottle we were rolling with during the drive was demolished by rees and i before we even arrived! poor matty was ill and rees ended the night with "fucking paying lets fight!!!!" in regards to paying for the underground parking we'd been camped out in!
following day we skated the park! it was super dooper fun! the spot witjh all the banks was good funs with little groms chasing us and chanting "veeeennnggga hombrreeees" and high 5-ing us on the way through. a bit cliche but fun!

p.s. im back in aus (: after 1 bus, 1 train, 4 planes! this pace is further then i remebered! hahahahh hope to see u out for the rage this friday!!!! booom booooooom

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