Saturday, June 29, 2013

Bangalore . . . India . . . 3

This first photo doesnt give this gnarly dog any justice. This dog had the smallest head in comparison to his oversized body and wanted to nail anyone of the annoying 25 skater who would ride though his hood on a daily basis on the way to the park. Everyone enjoyed skating around the park as there was no way near as many people about as the day before. Levis threw a fat all expenses party for all the builders and the Indian homies, which of course got out of hand. No shanti feelings that night or especially the following morning.

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Bangalore . . .India . . . 1

I was lucky enough to join my good friends the '2er crew' from Hannover Germany this time in Bangalore, India to document a 1 month trip around the sub continent . . . Over the next weeks u will see the blogs and what unfolded during the course of the trip. There was ups downs and all arounds. I would personally like to thank Robin & Arne for getting me on this and to Eric & Esther at Levis for hooking me up with the job!
Basically Robin and Arne (pictured bellow on bike) went to India a year ago and met legendary Indian skaters 'Soms' & 'Shake' and promised them that they would come back a year later with a crew to help build the first free public skatepark in India. With some serious hardwork from Robin & Arne and much needed support from Levis this dream became a reality. Over 25 skaters from Germany, Uk, America and Australia converged to construct something more then just a skatepark.
My joining to the trip was kind of a last minute hoo haa. I was there to document the trip that would follow the building of the skatepark in Bangalore. We would build a bowl in one of the most remote villages in central India, make numerous friends and make memories that will stick with us, like the friends for a lifetime.
Edits should be dropping in August! Enjoy following our adventures and the hype build up through  my photos and stories.

"Shanti Shanti nice yeah" -  Mardan Guest house owner in Hampi

"Thing just happen in there own way in India" Eule 2er mob boss   

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Bangalore . . . India . . . 2

Opening day of the skatepark and Levis block party which turned out to be a dope day. Endless free beer, Hamburgers, one of the funnest parks ive ever skated and hundereds of overly excited Indians.
I take take my hat off to all the guys involved, they built this magical place in 2weeks! Welcome to the sub continents first free public skatepark!

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