Wednesday, August 31, 2011


If u are in California PLEASE get down there FRIDAY 8am to help save the spot ! ! !

Save Bordertown from achilen on Vimeo.

Monday, August 29, 2011


Dealing with some serious hangovers with only about 4 hours sleep we decided to push on south to Italy. After a quick stop at a huge petrol station to check out the panoramic views the 'wan' wouldnt start. We all had to get out and push the heavy bastard up a slight hill and out of the way. When we checked underneath we found fuel pouring out from a broken fuel line!!!
After a few postcards for the family and friends, some photos of the views and a few more cheeseburgers we were on our way because of the helpful romanian truck driver. He could not speak english but helped us change the line and bleed the fuel through. We repaid him by buying him some brake fluid as he had ran out and had no money!!! Just as we were about to leave the sun broke through little pockets in the clouds lighting up some little alp farmlands with a single beam of light!
When we started driving again the energy was high and yason pulled out another cheeky bottle on schnapps for the ride! This time we all got involved taking shots from an empty half a lemon and it didnt take long until the wildness from the night before began again ! ! ! We spotted a really nice lake surrounded by picturesque mountains and decided to check it out . . . In a split second Frido had his clothes off and was in that not so inviting cold cold water!!! The rest of the drive to Italy was so incredible!; snow capped mountains with rivers, lakes, little towns with houses covered in seasonal flowers!!! Hands down some of the most naturally beautiful places ive ever seen!!!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011


This was the end of Alexs birthday at 8am sunday morning. On the way back to the van Alex and i found 2 bikes, at one point he rode off and i found him 5 mins later in the middle of a bridge knocked out (from falling off or wanting to take a nap, know one will know). When we made it back we cooked up some sausages that we had found along the ride while yason rapped songs and tried to prove that it is possible to suck his own penis.


Nothing better then a classic cock and balls shaped bowl. Well Romi and his friends built this one with all materials & labour for under $2000. This thing was so so so much fun to skate. Really hard and whippy but also there was a mulberry tree bearing hundreds of fruits next to the park. The only problem was they were behind a fence so yason and i had to spend a bit of time conspiring how to get to them while the otheres shredded the bowl! River bbq and diy bowl session with mulberrys . . . i didnt think this day could get any better but it did . . . Alexs birthday celebration next!!!!

Monday, August 22, 2011


I have visited my fair share of rivers in my time and this one had to top the lot! We stocked up on meat and had an amazing woodfire bbq next to the river and went for numerous swims in the fresh fresh water. We also visited a really fun spot to jump of of a big rock into the water.



Sunday, August 21, 2011


We were lucky enough to be able to stay in luxury on the couches at Romis house! One of the nicest guys ive ever met and god can he shred!!! When we rose from a heavy slumber we hill bombed into town to check out the new plaza spot which everyone had been talking about. This new spot is skater friendly and is built out the front of the council chambers. After a few solid hours of skating the fine concrete edge i had completely stripped my back truck to the axel!!! Frido also got his first ever bs noseblunt slide on a bank. The surrounding alps made it s dream spot for photos!

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