Monday, August 26, 2013


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Saturday, August 24, 2013

Sourcing materials . . . Hampi . . . India . . .

Village life was amazing, each morning on my way to the bowl worksite I would pass through the rice paddies and other little bungalows that the homies were staying in. This place really is magical! Guest house owner Mardan was a human concrete mixer, he could mix a mountain loud with his larry in the blink of an eye! Sourcing materials was always a nightmarish task for young Robin. One day we rode about 30/40mins away to pick up some bags of cement. We left with 4 bikes and by the time we arrived Lunas bike had broken down, so Julein had to take Luna back to the village. The bags of cement were to heavy for Mardans small son to have on his bike so Robin took a bag on his bike and I loaded up the rickshaw! When we went to leave the little village fully loaded the local police man decided he wanted to be apart of the action and jumped on the back on Robins bike to hitch along for the ride! When we dropped the policeman off another child decided to jump on, with dust being blown into his face by our rickshaw Robin was the new taxi driver in town. But on the way back Robins bike ran out of fuel so he had to grab a tow from the rickshaw... "Things just happen on their own ways in India" - Eule. 

CALLUM PAUL. By the one and only Greg Stewart

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

SAND . . . HAMPI . . . INDIA

The bowl was starting to take shape so it was time to gather some serious building materials. But in India it is not as easy as calling the local suply store and ordering a truck load of sand or cement. Well Mardan took us down to the river where they get sand for building, he brought a little breakfest wrapped in banana leaves for the crew and as we finished a tractor turned up to cart the sand back to Sima Guest House.
When we got back we started carting the endless loads of sand in on our heads with the children. It was really good times, the children were laughing running back and forth helping when ever possible and the sound of Mardans larry scraping the ground filled the hair as he mixed mountain loads of concrete faster then a cement mixer!  

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Hampi . . . Central India . . . Rock Breaking

I woke up real early for some reason and rushed over to our new work site and was lucky enough to be the first one there. Even some how beat Robin and Eule. The rock masons were there and broke these huge rocks in half withing about 45 mins. they started off with a little chisel smashing little holes about 1-2 inches deep the whole way along the face of the rock and in the end hit the chisel in the middle hole and the rock just perfectly popped of, clean cut. This would kind of set the standard for this build as for the whole bowl we didnt use one bit of electricity. No cement mixer, no power tools, just a good eye and and some good old fashion hard work. The children from the village were so excited to get in there and help out in any way, whether it be mixing concrete, carrying bricks and sand or preparing chai for the crew . . . we couldnt have finished the build without their help! A year ago at the builders jam in Hannovr NONE of the local kids wanted to pitch in and give a helping hand although they would enjoy the fruits of our labour for years to come. Indian kids in comparison would observe what was taking place and learn with their eyes and put into practice their new learnt skills girls and boys alike.

Friday, August 16, 2013

Hampi . . . Central India . . . Bowl Build . . .

Robin is a possessed beast. He cant be doing nothing for more then half a second, straight after the Holi festival we arrived back to the guest house and he was already ripping bushes down and yelling for back up from the homies to get this build along the way. The day we arrived to the Sima Guesthouse there was an old German baba waffling on about how he planned to return to the guesthouse at the end of the year and build a crystal shop . . . one morning when discussing where we should build something Robin and I decided the best place would be right smack bang where homie wanted his crystal shop... I would love to see his face when he returns...
If  you have ever had the pleasure of meeting the 2er crew they are just straight obsessed with concrete. Mardans son the day before we started building was patching up a little hole in the ground and and the boys got a concrete boner and couldnt wait to get their hands dirty again. 
The site we chose was amazing, but getting the materials to the spot would prove to be a bit of a mission, but we sure had the man power with 10 of us and a whole village full of concrete hungry children. After a hard day of work we all wound down around a fire down on the rocks with the sound of the river flowing by. The clothes washing man from the village showed up out of nowhere and spent about an hour re-adjusting the bongo ropes to optimize the sound. The shanti levels were through the roof, laying back, relaxing after a hard afternoon of work and just soaking up the surroundings of what felt like our new home.

Hampi . . . Central India . . . Holi Festival . . .

Holi festival is a Hindu festival celebrating spring through a huge colour fight. We were lucky enough to celebrate it in the little village which transformed into a rainbow of colours... photos are not so good as I was busy filming it for the edits... im sure u can figure out what happened. A few of us ended up with permanent pink hair unfortunately.

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