Friday, September 26, 2014

Bolivia Last Days.

Am extremely tiresome last few days. Everyone was on their last legs and some of the boys were already unfortunately flying out before they got a chance to skate the park at its completion. 
I would like to send my greatest of thanks to Robin, Arne, Max, Eule, Alex, Felix, PFK, Lenzen, Love N Skate Stu, the Welshies, Big bad Erik Cole and anyone else who I had the pleasure in sharing this time in Bolivia with. We have left something behind that will be there to help generations to come! 

Sunday, September 21, 2014


It was Sunday arvo, the boys were shredding hard but the rain set in. So we bombed it into town to check out the witch market. Selling and anything from cock enlarger remedies to Llama foetus'. We pumped into this one cracked out dude (photo 2) who had just got out of jail and provided us with some camera gold! We then stumbled by this wild festival, everyone was getting absolutely crooked drunk, the little potato shaped ladies were twirling and spinning like Russian gymnast's and the laughs were plentiful as the ladies clawed and fought over Welsh Arbel 'Cobra' Samsonov. It was the last night for a number of the lads, so we had the old 1 beer and an interview which led to dancing on a restaurant table which then evolved to a strip club. Night ended with us nearly getting stomped to death by some heavy Bolivian security guards.     


Park was more or less in a semi skateable state. The beers were flowing hard. The Japanese fellahs, well mainly Honda were tearing up the restaurant; completely covering himself in beer and acting as a beer fountain spitting beer into the air. I've never been so impressed, it was like seeing the bubbler for the first time. Thank you Honda!   

Sunday, September 14, 2014


12-14 concrete trucks were suppose to come this day. The few trucks that did come fucked up and the concrete started drying solid in the trucks.  The site was in a bit of a frenzy and pannick, the mixers were working double time and the all night sessions fueled on booze and white coffee. 

Friday, September 12, 2014

Bolivia Pura Pura who knows what day....

The night sessions were plentiful, the concrete trucks could never keep up. break downs seemed to be the daily ritual. Maybe the trucks lungs also wernt coping with the thin air in the high Bolivian Andes.  The chainsawing was working overtime and Love n Skate Stu's Pura Pura statue was pulled out of its mould and ready to be stood upright. But how? 

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