Monday, July 25, 2011

Azkena Rock . . . Victoria . . . Spain

To finish of the trip we were lucky enough to score some free tickets to the Azkena Rock festival thanks to Papayo. The festival was amazing fun and what better way to end a great trip then seeing Bad Brains and Ozzi Osbourne play! The drive back from Pais vasco was also a long long drive, with no i-pod power left we had to listen to the wall on repreat for 8 hours.
I would like to thank all the guys for an AMAZING trip. Especially Alex for driving!!! Hope we can do it again sooner then later!!!

Sunday, July 10, 2011


After we met the old man and had a little skate in Bilbao we decided to go check out the whale tail skatepark and spend the night in the little beautiful town of Plentzia. The park was really fun covered with fun little concrete coping obstacles. After a little skate we hit to the beach and found this fun 3 level mini ramp surrounded by amazing views. The sun set and big ass wood fire barbeque was amazing, although we were already missing Cava, Felipe and Liber who were on the train headed back to Barcelona. The following day we somhow rose feeling fresh, had a swim, checked out this dead pine tree forrest, stocked up on booze and food and continued on with a couple hour drive to the Azkena Rock festival for the last leg of the trip.


We dropped the guys of at the train station and went to skatepark in the city. We decided to have a little bbq in the car park next to the park. I wondered over to the park to get a lighter and the only person skating there was 74 year old Juan. He began skateboarding only 6 years ago but has surfed for over 40 years. He told me it keeps him young and will never stop!!! Next level inspiration . . .

LEIOA . . . PAIS VASCO . . . SPAIN . . .

This was going to be the last session with all the guys as Liber, Felipe and Cava had to get back to Barcelona. The park at Leioa is amazing with a lot of cool little obstacles and a great bowl. After the skate we celebrated our last night with a big bbq back in Getxo at Al Gorta skatepark. We decided to sleep down on the beach, out of sight as we didnt want to be woken up again by the police . . . instead at 3 in the morning Alex, Liber and myself were running back to the van as it started pouring down rain and we were sleeping with no tents . . . Thanks to all the guys for a great trip! Hopefully we can do it again next year!!! (:


One thing i especially LOVE about skateboarding is that it allows you to make life time friendships with many people from different backgrounds and ethnicities. Just like the 2 young skaters in the first photos, our crew was one hell of a mix: 1 Columbian, 1 Italian, 1 Austrian, 2 Panamanians and 1 Australian. Every were we went people would ask ask 'de donde sois?' (were are u guys from) . . .
There sure was a whole lotta good times and high vibes flying at this session in the new clover bowl in Sondika. Felipe was powering over the stairs and was getting me super hyped to skate once again!!!
Thank you skateboarding for the endless good times and friendships u have given me ! ! !


When u arrive to Al Gorta the vibe is amazing, Cava summed it up by saying he had reached his mecca. It has the first and only proper pool in all of Spain, vert ramp and paint tray bowl kind of thing and some really fun d.i.y obstacles scattered around the park. The beach bellow serves as a perfect free camping spot and the view is rich with lush green mountains and the Atlantic ocean at an arms throw away.
On the way to the park we stopped of at a big super market and bought a whole lot of meat and a little bbq. We got so hooked up because they screwed up the price of the bbq and they had a little store policy which resulted in us getting it for free. The smokey bbq meat was a feast and we all slept like little babies . . . until we were woken up by the police at 8 in the morning. The police were cool and just asked us not to stay there again. After a quick swim we started to have the first of 3 sessions for the day!!! Thank you Al Gorta for the good times once again ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

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