Thursday, March 29, 2012

H CLIP 41 by Balder Lehmann

A video by the Copenhagen homies, missing that place!

H CLIP - 41 from Claus Hermansen on Vimeo.


Went out up into the highlands behind Port Macqaurie for a little day canoe trip down some river rapids with my family. My uncle Andy is the river man pro as u can tell from his get up. Was an amazing day, but i think i spent more time swimming down river trying to catch our canoe as my little brother Matt and little sister Cherie fell out about 8 times during the course of the day.

Monday, March 26, 2012


I scored a ride with my little brother and his ex band down to Sydney for Christmas. Along the way they started talking about how much they wanted tattoos and i said i could hook them up with a friend who does real sketchy ones, and boy did we end up with sketchy ones! Thanks Jye!


If u dont know about Polar yet, it is a skateboard company from Malmo, Sweden owned and ran by Pontus Alv. If you see his stuff around rip the wallet out and support a good cause!!!

Thursday, March 22, 2012


First day back at work climbing trees i cut my hand with a chainsaw. The guy bellow is my workmate Adrian higggghh up in the sky, as much as i enjoy traveling I sure do miss being in OZ and doing some hard work with Dad and the boys. 
Coca came up for a visit and it just so happened to be the weekend of the biggest music festival of the year. My little brother Nathan and his homies sure gave us hell keeping us out partying to god knows that time, what i can remember is that rum Coca brought sure ruined my plans of skating Saturday... The hangover wore off real quick when i hooked up with Getrad, Marty, Alon and Andrew for a skate. I took them for a little tour of Port Mac visiting the light house and bombing the biggest hill in town. Bogata's born again Australian Coca pushed into the beast, hands down the gnarliest hill bomb ive ever witnessed in the flesh! We then powered out to Bonny Hills and had a shred at the little old concrete park and to our surprise there was a ramp for sale on the back of truck, which i ended up buying for 2 cases of beer.  

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To Buy/Stock/Distribute Gypsy Skateboards contact: