Wednesday, January 4, 2012


We drove for around 45 mins to get there and when we arrived the sun was starting to set as we peered our curious eyes over a fence to see what was on the other side and walllllah! This bowl was made in the Summer that had just passed by Dick, Zarosh and some help from various other people. They did an incredible job and Dick now has the dream house!!! Adam Moss who is now is Australia (if u see him buy the man a beer) and Death Skateboards owner and all round funny man Zorlac grinded away that fresh pool coping as the sun was setting over the little mountain and field behind us.


Skated some amazing D.I.Y parks with Moss Boss and Mr Jake Shunt in Autumn around London . . .


Ronny Callow called me up on a friday around lunch time as i was on my way to visit a Highgate Cemetery that Cates advised me to go and explore and photograph. Ronny had just arrived in London from the North and was down to come along. Cates told me it wasnt worth paying the 3 pound to get in because it would be easy for us to jump the fence.

On arrival Ronny scoped the the place out on his i-phone and found out that there was 2 parts of the cemetery and we were on the side were Karl Marxs remains rest is peace. We ran into a tour group and the tour guide looked like she had seen a ghost when her eyes made contact with us. She asked us to wait and called security. . . Security answered back to hold us there and seemed to be very angry, in the end the lady let us slide on down to meet the security and we sort of ended up going the wrong way rather then the direct route to the oncoming security and back over the fence with our tails between out legs. Lesson learnt; dont get caught in the first place!

CHECK out Ronnys skate store . . they also have an online store cracking. They have some really great stuff at a bombing price, and u know the money is going straight back to a fellow skater. If u are passing by Sheffield stop by the store and accuse him of grave robbery for a discount!

Hope your dealing with that harsh weather up there mate!


I would love to know how many people have slept on the couches here over the years . . . Crazy Pete is living there, i really enjoyed talking to Portuguese born Pete who always had something interesting to say and has re-defined the term 'Gypsy Life'. I also got right into the English spirit and cooked myself up some beans and eggs on toast each morning but threw a little fried banana in there for some added Caribbean style bang. Mathew Dorkings advised me one evening that "It is a scientific fact that if you add cheese to a meal it improves it by at least 200%".

Harrow Skatepark Fire

The guys at the park got bored of skating and decided to make a fire to warm the ol hands up. After a while the lady from the Youth centre next door came out and asked them politely to pout it out. The playful kids laughter erupted into an onslaught of insults 'go suck a cock ya fekin slag!, "dont tal me wat ta do ya fekin betch' . . . i was completely blown away as i told the kids to give the lady a break. . .
There was one funny, young lad of Pakistani descent who just wanted to shred and ended up showing steak and i how he could drop in with his hat covering his face.
London, what mish mash of characters!

Harrow Skatepark . . . London, England

I turned up to have a skate and take some photos for this website ( that im now helping out with building a skatepark directory/guide for Europe. I laughed from start to end joking around with the kids at the park, all from different racial backgrounds and all speaking with an individual sculptured accent. Whether they were African, Pakistani, English Anglo-Saxon or Pikey they were just down to be kids and light fires in the half pipe, pose for photos, joke around and make fun of the Australian guys funny accent . . . 'SO WER'D YOU'VE BE FRUM BRUV? YOU'VE GOT A WELL FUNNY ACCENT INNIT!'


My good Australian friend Dean Palmer talked me into meeting him in London for a couple of weeks in late October to catch up with all our amigos at Death Skateboards. Deans brother booked him a flight from Berlin to London for the wrong month, so i ended up having the whole house of doom lounge room to myself but was mega bummed that Dean couldnt make it out.
In the end it was a blessing in disguise, I got to spend lots of time with Steak, Zorlac and Moss Boss and we had 9 out of 10 days of sunshine which is well rare . . .
Unfortunately i didnt get to kick it with Cates as much as i would have liked as he is busy studying a Fine Arts degree. On my first morning he came down from his room his room with his face painted (literally the strongest smelling paint fumes and paint dripping from his face) and asked me to take some portraits of him so he could paint a self portrait for school.

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