Thursday, January 31, 2013


My mate Pete from Australia was calling this hostel with a pool home for about a month, while he was there he found an amazing rock climbing spot. The beach that u had to walk through to get to it was privately owned by a hotel and you had to pay around 100euros to lay on 'their' sand. The climbing spot was epic and the water crystal clear! 



If you think he can skate, you should see him burn holes in the dance floor!

Tuesday, January 29, 2013


Crossing into Montenegro at night was a good rush, screaming up a long pot-holed dusty road which never seemed to end with some Balkan folk music blasting from our speakers . . . And we had arrived in the worlds newest nation. 
When we rose in the morning we headed straight up the mountains to visit the famous Mausoleum. It was a loooong curvy drive and the little alpine villages with cabins were only a stones throw away from the rest of Europe but it felt like we were a world away. 
The views from the Mausoleum were just incredible and the hills bombs back down were just as thrilling. After spending the day in the mountains we picked up some Russian back packers who were hitching there way about and headed down to Budva and the coast. Somehow we snuck past security into this 5 star hotel on a little island just south of Budva and MJ took a sun setting swim with some suspicious looks from guests from the high priced hotel. Night fell and we met up with my little sister and my homie Pete from Oz and jetted to the placer they were staying. It was out of town and Pete was staying there for 2 euros a night camping in their front yard, this would be home for a few days. My sis and Pete also adopted a little cat which they found.    

Thursday, January 24, 2013


Its not very often that you are jump countries like this in one day. But this is what happened on our tour down the Dalmatian coast to Montenegro the worlds newest nation. I found a little spot at the entry to a Bosnian cemetery and skated with one of the worse hangovers and a rough night sleep next to the blue lagoon place. Once we crossed the border into Croatia there were fires blazzing out of control in the mountains. We met a peace pilgrim who we stopped to have a talk with on the Bosnian coast, turns out that he is walking from Jerusalem to Santiago de Compestela back in our home state of Galicia, Spain promoting peace. He was been walking around the world basically for the past 20 years and goes by the name of Walt Waldo Walden . . . check his facebook and flow him some support. . . . as the day was coming to an end we decided to stay and explore Dubrovnik for the night. The city is just incredible and i really wish i could trade spots with my mum as she would have freaked out on this place. The dogs were lazy anmd the seafood was incredible, in the end accommodation was impossible for the Gypsy traveller on a budget so we hit it out of there to Montenegro under cover of the night. 

Wednesday, January 23, 2013


We went in search of this waterfall spot and intended on sleeping there the night. When we found it I was completely blown away by the contrast of the beauty and the beast landscapes. In the end we fell into a drunken coma lakeside, the barman from the little lakeside cafe said he would stay open for as long as we wanted to drink. For 1 euro a pint we couldnt help ourselves and black out was unavoidable.

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