Friday, March 29, 2013


My main homie Rodi from La Coruna and I had been talking about going away for a weekend skate trip for close to a year, now Jye was in town and I had a car nothing as stopping us and the Northern Spanish state of Asturias was calling our name.
Quick stop at the beach to battle with the dead birds and German motor home tourists and first town in we stumbled by some small, fun, shitty park. Rodi packed some epic pasta salad lunch which hit the spot and gave us some serious power for the long afternoon ahead.
We spent hours at this spot with down hill quarter pipes, hands down one of the best spots ive ever come by!
Final stop of the day was Gijon, the new bowl by the beach was off good for beer and Jye put on a FS invert show, but ended up landing with both his shins on the coping. Nine another homie from Coruna painted some stencils which were pretty damn impressive! Aztec warrior holmes.


Classic Sunday. The crew woke up feeling used and abused and the 4.5 drive back to Coruna still ahead of us. Some old lady absolutely hated us coming into her store and kicked us out when all we wanted was an ice cream.
We had a long long walk to the car, the previous night Jye and I battled for over an hour to get a park as the whole city was shut down for the end of summer festival. For 55mins of the park search the fuel light was lit and not a gas station in sight. Well once we finally found a park we enjoyed a solid 20 min downhill loaded with bottles of wine to the centre!

Much Love Portugal. Hope to see u again soon!!!! Thanks to Rui, Joao, Narciso for hooking us up!!!

Thursday, March 28, 2013


Back to Oporto for the night and boogie down to mack the knife in a tiny little bar full of fun, loving humans. Jye warmed up the spinning fly kicks and we ran into our homie Narciso; the rest of the night is a bit of a blur. Lot more fly kicks, some serious dancing at one stage surrounded by a very drunken rowdy crowd, thank full for not eating a sketchy street dog, wine hostel, pistachio nuts . . .

Tuesday, March 26, 2013


Next stop was Oporto. Gorditto Jye was a little baked from his first night camping, he slept like a little baby in the passenger seat between swift navigation orders with close eye on his phone. We settled into a hostel in Oporto and then bailed south to the small town of Leira to another D.I.Y spot. On the way there was a massive fire by the side of the highway which nearly closed the day trip, but we busted   through the smoke and flames and sailed down the coast to meet up with João Sales. 
Ive skated a lot of D.I.Y spots over the last 2 years and this one would have to be one of my favorites. What made the park even more amazing was to know that the guys hand mixed the whole spot! No mixers, just some shuvels and a lot of man power! Thanks for taking the evening away from the family to show us a good time João.

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