Monday, October 17, 2011


So i met Mimo back in Barcelona town in 2008. When i arrived in Berlin i gave her a call to hook up. She told niels and i to meet her the following day for a dance casting at vice, were we would get paid 50 euros just for showing up.
To niels disgust we got up early and dragged our hung over carcusses there and it turned out to be a dance audition to go tour with Madonna . . . In the end we did a group dance but Niels truly stole the show!!!
Im a real fan of Mimos (My Monsters) monster paintings and other works!!! Check her website for more work ! ! !

oh dam, i forgot to mention that u can buy a whole Pizza or Kebab for under 2.50 ($3.50) in Berlin.

Big thanks again to to Berlin once again for the amazing times, especially Niels and Mimo!!! Hope u guys are ruling. (:


The buildings in Berlin have so much character and each one tells its own story from past or present times ! ! !


In most places anything can happen, but for some reason in Berlin this concept really gets pushed to the limit every time you step out the front door.

First night out while having a chill beer on the street i ran into Hammond, a friend from Barcelona who was so hyped he covered me in beer, thanks dog.

After the hitchhiking episode i needed to shake that experience out of my head asap so i decided to try all the different wheat beers that were available at the super market. Having a good little buzz, niels and i decided it would be a good idea to pick up a bottle of Vodka. We then met up with my friend Mimo and her friends and bombed it to the party. The videos were rad, the two hippy dudes from iceland were killing it, the fat dog was fucking funny as hell ! ! !

The Following night we went to a few parties around town and while trying to find mimos house to have a beer before hand niels and i got completely soaked once again from head to toe . . . luckily mimo hooked us up with an umbrella . . . . .


The whole reason why i was in Berlin was because i was on my way to Copenhagen and Malmo to spend August up there skating and searching for good times. I left it pretty late to book my ticket so it was cheaper to go the Berlin first and catch the bus which is only a 5 hour 40 euro ride. In the end all bus tickets were sold out for the next week from when i arrived so i tried to hitch hike it there. I ended up walking along side the autobahn in ankle high water for 3 hours with no luck. Soaked to the bone i hesitantly turned around and started the long lonely walk back to the train station, went straight to the bus station and booked a ticket for the next available bus which would be 4 days later . . . It was Friday night and Niels friends were having a skate premiere of 2 videos and a big party, things started to take a turn for the better i thought while removing my cold, dripping, wet clothes ! ! !


Mellow Park is a new d.i.y spot in the outer suburbs of Berlin. Niels and i ended up being glued to the spot and couldnt believe that we had it pretty much to ourselves each session. We ended up skating there everyday of my stay in Berlin. Cant wait to hit it again with u next years niels man!!!

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