Wednesday, October 23, 2013



The last evening was spent interviewing and chasing some final shots for the documentaries and in a flash I was on my way back to a Australia. I came to India fascinated about the culturally rich sub continent and was excited to gain a better understanding about these fascinating lands. With most places u leave asking more questions then when u arrived and India seemed to sum this up. Although one thing I learnt is that the Indian people are some of the most humble down to earth humans I have met during my short existence on this earth. We were shown hospitality time and time again from people who barely had a roof over their own head. They are strong minded, hard working honest humans who have a tight family ethic. With the dirty fingers of the west stirring the pot it will be interesting to see how this chaotic whirlwind of a country with experiences as spicy as it foods changes in the years to come. I would personally like to thank firstly Robin, Eule, Arne and the whole 2er crew for getting me on the trip. Soms, Shake, Darius, Niko and the whole Holy Stoked crew. Mardan and our new family in Sima Guesthouse near Hampi. Erik and Esther for hooking me up the ticket. And to all the other homies who made it out for the trip!!! Hope to see you all again sooner then later!

I will be independently releasing the 3 - 4 short documentaries in November.   

Monday, October 21, 2013


Last day was spent winging it round with sweet lime as usual and filming all his little homies for the documentary. Some of his little buddies had a found a cut up credit card in the trash and were spending the afternoon in the scorching Bangalore sun puzzling it back together, ching chinnng!

Thursday, October 17, 2013


Robin and I went into town to try and find some music ideas for the edits and finish filming his 'Crossing India trip' . . . Baumi had a cry and left because I wouldnt film him and after he left it was a peaceful afternoon skateboarding in one of the most chaotic places my feet have passed-over during my time on this earth.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Chillself' Dane Burman. Dean Palmer. Getrad. Jason Mertel. Kyle Montgomery. Project Yason.

I filmed everything for this video back in 2003-05. OOK and I finally put it together in early 2008 and premiered it before his video 'Mosaiook'. They were really magical times back then and I still feel blessed from the the skate gods whenever im lucky enough to roll with these guys these days. Its crazy to think that this was 10 years ago and how far and wide we have all travelled and how much we have experienced. Hope you are all well...

Monday, October 14, 2013


The Adventures Of Sweet Lime. 4 year old Holy Stoked skate school attendee Sweet Lime caught my eye as the perfect representative for the skate school for one of the short documentaries im working on for the India trip. This young, outgoing, man like child bares the world on his shoulders and attacks the skatepark with confidence only usually gained after 15 years on board. He lives within 100 meters of the skatepark in this tiny tent which houses his mother who works as a maid in a local hotel, his father a stone mason, his uncle and his grandfather. With only 1 single bed inside Im guessing the sleeping arrangements are not like the hotel his mother works in.
His progression throughout the week on board and book improved out of sight and was a right laugh in front of the lens of the camera. I ended up spending most hours of the day with Sweet Lime to try and capture the tough way of life him and his friends endure on a day to day basis and how the opening of the park has impacted on their lives. 

Tuesday, October 8, 2013


Esther was the one who hooked me up to go on the India trip and once again she is upto something positive. If u can help her out in anyways get on it!

Monday, October 7, 2013

More from Frido.


HOLY STOKED are a skate collective from Bangalore, India who spread their love and passion of skateboarding through holding free skateboard/schooling for the less fortunate lower class children from around the area. The children who attend the lessons daily live around the immediate area of the skatepark in makeshift tarpaulin tents with their whole family. No fresh running water. No sewage or electricity and due to their parents earning less than the desired wage the children are often sent out to work on construction sites, restaurants working long hours doing back breaking work. Often receiving no form of education due to the prices being unrealistic. What we found out from the few kids who did attend school from the tent cities is that they were treated like utter street dogs from teachers and fellow siblings. For the young girls the situation is even worse. It is always believed that the woman must stay at home and serve the family so they are even less likely to receive an education, they are excluded from many games and really from associating with their brothers and their friends as they must stay at home learning how to cook and clean or taking care of their younger siblings. It was amazing to see the  young girls and boys coming together to share something together in this case in the form of skateboarding.  
Our last week in India was spent attending the daily skate lessons and helped out with the children. We all chipped in and bought them basic english picture books, pens and text books and it was mind altering when some of the children said this was the first time they had ever seen what a tiger of elephant looks like.

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