Saturday, June 7, 2008

a week with the salkilds in MADRID, SPAIN!

TARMACING LIKE THE CHAN MAN. i met jackboy, his brother tom and sydra! it was super rad!!! day 1 we lurked the city scoping things taking photos! that night we hit the drink. tom really wanted some tapas (spanish entrees) so we hit a bar well juiced for action! jackboy got in a scuffle with a dick! the footage is HILARIOUS! dont fuck with the blackout boy! tom balled out with a boss cuban cigar! we found a legit pirate bar!!!! but to our disapointment it was shut dowwwwwwwwn!!!

the following day the guys went to see an iggy pop gig so i lurked solo! it was one of my funnest nights ive had! laneing (walking around with no destination, word came from lane easily who stayed with us. the inventor of laneing!)to the max. saw so much shit! got photos of this pregnant crackhead smoking out.

saturday was super chillin. but saturday night the rage was plentiful! we met some rad old rocker dudes who always chill on this particular busy street corner talking to anyone and everyone! after the bro down we hit a mexican bar! these girls were freaking out on sydras rad tattoos! we found a baby doll! and due to the alcohols evil influence it was sevirly abused! dripping with piss we ended up hanging it above a toilet.

sunday we went to a bullfight. while waiting in line to get tickets it rained so hard!!! the tickets were around $25 each! the bullfights were gnarlier than u could ever imagine! the cool looking madadors were actually pussys!!!! they would run out waving there pink bwanky! when the bull would charge they would hide behind large boards of wood! ombre on a horse, epuiped with a massive spear/sword type thing would charge around and stab the bull just behind his head in the neck region! when the bull charged out he had so much energy and was so powerful! after every strike he was being robbed of his life!!!! it was horrible to see the crowd cheering and aplauding! especially the confused scared look on the bulls face! turning his head side to side in frustration! after 20 mins of turture the bull was legless! the man would jump of the horse and taunt the poor bull and get as close to it as he could. even grabbing its horns and taunting the poor dying toro! boom the once great powerful bull would hit the blood soaked floor disabled! the crowd would arupt with a standing ovation! then wave anything they had that was white to royalty up in the stands. if the royalty aproved of the plea, signalled with a roll of the hand. the madaor would cut the bulls ears of and present them to the horse maaayne! he would then finish the bull by stabbing him in the back of the head! the madadors and bull mayne would then parade around the stadium and people would throw hats, scarfs, jackets even live chickens to apraise the fighter!!! 3 donkeys would ride in and a nouse was tyed to the lifeless bulls neck. they would tow the bull out of the stadium leaving a trail of blood and a screaming crowd!!!!
after the first fight a young boy behind us cried in his mothers arms! although 3 fights later he was cheering!

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