Sunday, August 31, 2008


Okay this day definatly ruined EVERYONE involved!!!! mary jane, horse groran and myself in a cab bombed it to the civil registry as we were runnig late! we all had about 4 hours sleep and the past 6 nights of heavy drinking plus skating didnt help our weary bodies! the civil registry was HILARIOUS! we bombed it in big fat party animal shirts! and there was other peole there super dresssed up with flower girls and the whole kit! so gnarly! hahahha we all had that funny hung over giggler so everyone was having a good laugh!
it was time! we went in and withing 5 mintues we were married infront of the massive crowed! hahahahah. we even got a family book for our kids!!!! crazy! i am now officially a spanish citizen! RAGE! and im married and couldnt be happier!
c lad took everyone out front and waited for us to come out the door and bombarded us with rice!!!!!! some gypsys were waiting out the front with there instruments and as we were getting showered with rice the gypsys were jamming away on there instruments demanding for money!!!!!! u think they gota nickle out of this gypsy?
we all decided to go out for breakfest. the waiter was not a fan!!!!!! hahahahahah it was hilarious. i think everyone got similar meals and the beers started flowing! after the meal we bombed it to this ghetto OLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLD fishermans bar! unfortunatly im notshore what happened to the rest of the photos! i took so many! i think my camera coped blackout and cant rember the day and night aswell. pretty much it was the perfect day! my homies were here for the wedding! george kasoulis as best man! we got redicuosly drunk with alcoholics. dermos told us brawling sotires about his dad we danced to queen with everyone in the bar! and we drunk wine, beer and vino tinto from a porron. its s dope catalan thing used for drinking. its like a kettle and u make a dope long stream of booze and steeze it out.
the video camera was funcioning perfectly and we filmed a bunch of footage! it really should be burnt! after this we went to the beach with cartons of sangria and panama homeboys philipe and liberty came and met up with us! the rage was strong! beach goers turned around and the love was blarrrrring through the i pod speakers!

wish u could have been here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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