Monday, October 27, 2008


firstly i hitched a ride through some internet sight. it was 4 hours from hannover to berlin. wierd ride.
me and horsey had arranged or me to turn up on there trip and surprise nicholson, a moss, cates, boots, steak. the surprise was going smoothly until i shwoed up to there hostel and they had already LEFTTTT!! they had checked out that morning! so i bombed onto the email and within a few hours was back in contact with horse mang, had got the new location. it was so rad to see the dudes again! especially nicholson cos i hadnt hung out with the brah in a good year since we were in barcelona last year!!!! i had already booked a hostel bed somwere else so i went back got some shut eye and met the lads back at there room early tyhe next morning for a day of shred!!!
on the way back to the hostel i was jumping all the last trains of the day! wich was sketchy cos if i missed one i was fucked! while waiting for one i saw a junkie playing with his colection of crap! so i swapped him the rest of my beer for a dope crystal rock!!!!! coooooooool.

ive got the berlin part seperated into 5 segments. they are finished. so im going update it daily this week so check it!!!!

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