Saturday, August 8, 2009


finaly im in asia!!! i left australia and it was 10 degrees arrived here to a scorching 32... and the humidity puts you to sleep. i stepped of the mrt and felt like i was getting blown in the face with a hairdryer.
after checking into my hostel. i bombed it to the indian district of town. theres a super rad temple there. some guys praying and chanting...otheres chilling reading a newspaper.
on the way back to the hostel i saw the dope spiral staircases tucked in an ally. well cool. of course i stacked a delicious eatdown for $2 (same in australian dollars). theres so so so many little hawker stalls around full of amazing cheap food. ive never seen more restaurants in my life.

1 comment:

mattzipan said...

Haha hope u didnt forget the diarrhea pills bro!in meantime i took care of brightons to make sure everthin stays solid ;)

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