Wednesday, September 16, 2009


first photo. we were at the biggest skatepark in the world. and a typhoon hit! it was so so so gnarly. at the park there is a massive undercover section. and in the end the rain and wind was so gnarly we had to jump down into a sketchy garden but our boards and bags in a bin with trash. triple wrap our camera in our clothes and try not to get blown away. in the end we were dripping wet!
i met this legendary dude named tommy. he is from philly but now lives in shanghai. he was all too cool with letting a bunch of mob his couches for the week. thanks a million tommy!
shanghai was the meet spot. i was there to meet up with my buddy patrik wallner and his 10 soliders. i was meeting up with them for the last leg of there epic trip. they were completing there leg of the transiberian railway. pretty much. there was 10 of them. catching only trains from moscow, russia - china!!! and patrik is making an epic documentary on the whole trip. to check out some amazing photos, stories etc check him out on http://ww, "visualtraveling"
we did a bunch of skating around. but the rain fucked with us most days. and when we could skate the humidity was insane! the best part was from, spot to spot catching a ride on the back of a motocycle. we had a few epic group dinners. there was a bunch of legendary russian dudes on the trip too. following the dinners was a $4 1 hour foot/leg massage!
our final day we got rained the fuck out...buit there was a massive adidas game of skate. we missed out on that but u best believe we caught the after party. beers beers and free beers. the party ended up getting focused. smashed bottles, glasses everywere. drinks were being propelled all over the place! and ofcourse the drink became to real for some and we got into a fight out front. some russian guy went nuts. started fighting people for no reason. fucker bit my finger. when i met him at the begining of the night i said "hello how are you?" he replied "im good! im always good man!" poor homeboy was left knocked the fuck out. boards, bins, beers, bottles being burried into homeboys head...
i ended up literaly having to carry tommy home. we had to bail from a couple cabs due to projectile spweing!!! thanks a million to tommy and all the dudes from shanghai!!!! we had a rad time! im such a tard dude i lost your email!!! hit me up please


tommy said...

ahahaaa worst last picture ever.


how was the rest of the trip? you back in sydney?

tommy said...

let's get a link up between our blogs

Jay said...

glad you had a good time in my place... ha

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