Thursday, October 22, 2009


i cant believe these guys still had legs to skate with. they were on the last leg of there epic transsibierian railway trip. i think they were deep into there 7th week at this stage. to sum it up 10 of them met in moscow russia to film for a new patrik wallner documentary. they started in (RUSSIA) moscow-yekaterinburg-omsk-krasnoyarsk-irkutsk- (MONGOLIA) - ulaanbaatar- (CHINA)- bejing-xian-shanghai-shenzhen-hong kong by train! . officially the longest skate trip of all time.
it was amazing to be on the last leg with these guys. all of them had to work there asses of to save, as no sponsors helped out with there travels. pure doing it for there love of travelling and skateboarding. im really looking forward to the documentary!!! should be available early 2010. ill keep you posted with how to get copies.
be shore to check out patrik wallners site for photos and to read up about there trip... u can find him under "visual traveling" on you can also support him by buying a copy of his recently released "translations" which was filmed through a number of countries including thailand, vietnam, china, hong kong, morrocco, spain, france, holland, sweeden, germany, america.

this is a before and after shot of laurence keefe . . . this is what a long ass skate trip will do to you!!!!


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