Thursday, September 30, 2010


there was a full blown protest which turned quite wild wednesday 29th of september. it was organised by the workers unions.m people who work for the state here have a fixed pay package, which is raised by a certain percent every year. but this year the rich decided to take more from the poor and not give them there and bonus and actually decrease their pay. so the people of spain had a workers strike. no buses, trains, supermarkets etc everyone as suppouse to close their shop for the day. but some stayed open and suffered the consequences later. the protest was against the nbigger picture of capitolosm and the 'global economic crisis'. the protests began above placa catalunya at the national bank. people had broke in over night, and now occupied the whole buliding. over the next few days ill post all the photos and try to explain what happened as in many countires there was nothing in the news!!!!! when the angry mob started mobbing the streets the few shops that were opened quickly shut and ducked for cover!

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Unknown said...

Actually I was there at that time on my hop on off Barcelona bus tour.That is completely wrong ang against the human rights.

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