Monday, October 17, 2011


So i met Mimo back in Barcelona town in 2008. When i arrived in Berlin i gave her a call to hook up. She told niels and i to meet her the following day for a dance casting at vice, were we would get paid 50 euros just for showing up.
To niels disgust we got up early and dragged our hung over carcusses there and it turned out to be a dance audition to go tour with Madonna . . . In the end we did a group dance but Niels truly stole the show!!!
Im a real fan of Mimos (My Monsters) monster paintings and other works!!! Check her website for more work ! ! !

oh dam, i forgot to mention that u can buy a whole Pizza or Kebab for under 2.50 ($3.50) in Berlin.

Big thanks again to to Berlin once again for the amazing times, especially Niels and Mimo!!! Hope u guys are ruling. (:

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