Wednesday, January 4, 2012


Ronny Callow called me up on a friday around lunch time as i was on my way to visit a Highgate Cemetery that Cates advised me to go and explore and photograph. Ronny had just arrived in London from the North and was down to come along. Cates told me it wasnt worth paying the 3 pound to get in because it would be easy for us to jump the fence.

On arrival Ronny scoped the the place out on his i-phone and found out that there was 2 parts of the cemetery and we were on the side were Karl Marxs remains rest is peace. We ran into a tour group and the tour guide looked like she had seen a ghost when her eyes made contact with us. She asked us to wait and called security. . . Security answered back to hold us there and seemed to be very angry, in the end the lady let us slide on down to meet the security and we sort of ended up going the wrong way rather then the direct route to the oncoming security and back over the fence with our tails between out legs. Lesson learnt; dont get caught in the first place!

CHECK out Ronnys skate store . . they also have an online store cracking. They have some really great stuff at a bombing price, and u know the money is going straight back to a fellow skater. If u are passing by Sheffield stop by the store and accuse him of grave robbery for a discount!

Hope your dealing with that harsh weather up there mate!

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