Friday, April 5, 2013

Bull Fight . . . La Coruna.

Cruelty towards animals especially on this magnitude is just not acceptable. I was so bummed out from the second we had the tickets. The people of Spain are one that I usually love, full of character and wear their emotions on their sleeve but this is one tradition that must be stopped ASAP. 
If you havent been to a bull fight I will tell u a little about what really goes on. Essentially it is not a fight it is a painful slaughter of an incredible animal, the bulls horns are firstly grinded down so they are not sharp. He is let loose into the arena and the bull fighters stand behind large wooden barricades which the bull cant possibly penetrate. After 5ish minutes the bull is tired and then a man on a blind folded horse comes out. The poor horse is then charged by the 1 tonne bull and its horns penetrate through the thin protection nearly every time puncturing and wounding the horse then the bull fighter stabs a spear into the bulls vertebrae. Depending on the experience level of the fighter a number of fighters may come out to confuse the bull and stab him with more spears or it may be 1 on 1. Essentially the confused bull gets ice picked, each spear restricting his movement until his legs give way. The poor creature then drops to the ground while choking on his own blood with no Louis Armstrong 'What a Wonderful World' playing but to the sound of thousands of people screaming with joy. The fighters then finally put him out of his misery by slicing his throat. The ears are then cut off and presented to the king or the highest politician who is in attendance followed by some laps of the arena were screaming old ladies throw down bottles of wine, panties and live chickens. Then some poor donkeys are brought out and drag the lifeless beast out while people stand and applaud waving their handkerchiefs.  


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Cruelty is keeping animals in tight smelly pens their whole life, then slaughtering them. And then you eat the meat, which is wrapped in plastic.
Bulls get to live outside, and to fight for their life in the end, with people cheering and music. They also become meat.
Which is worse?

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