Thursday, July 25, 2013

Hampi . . . Central India . . . 2

This was breakfast for the next 10 days . . . First we all took a long walk around the village we were staying, all of us were equally blown away by its simplicity and is beauty. Large cows, goats and puppies all over the place, small children wandering around on their own, small simple 1 room mud/brick houses, some lucky enough to have a t.v, rice paddies and a nice river to swim in.  We sorted out some bikes out and went out exploring out surroundings, hoping to come by some spots . . . but all we could find was some epic lake to swim in and a whole bunch of large boulders, which could actually be possible to skate. After an epic sunset from on top of a mountain we returned in the dark with eyes full of night creatures. When we returned to the candle-lit village the vibe were high as Mardan the guest house owner whipped around with his two young boys and daughter feeding all the hungry faces, serving chai and explaining to us how village life is with his broken english and a joint the size of a baseball bat in his hand. 

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Deck-Skateboard said...

Thanks for this awesome blog, it was so much fun to read it and tae a look at your pictures. Thanks and keep it up! :)

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