Wednesday, October 23, 2013


The last evening was spent interviewing and chasing some final shots for the documentaries and in a flash I was on my way back to a Australia. I came to India fascinated about the culturally rich sub continent and was excited to gain a better understanding about these fascinating lands. With most places u leave asking more questions then when u arrived and India seemed to sum this up. Although one thing I learnt is that the Indian people are some of the most humble down to earth humans I have met during my short existence on this earth. We were shown hospitality time and time again from people who barely had a roof over their own head. They are strong minded, hard working honest humans who have a tight family ethic. With the dirty fingers of the west stirring the pot it will be interesting to see how this chaotic whirlwind of a country with experiences as spicy as it foods changes in the years to come. I would personally like to thank firstly Robin, Eule, Arne and the whole 2er crew for getting me on the trip. Soms, Shake, Darius, Niko and the whole Holy Stoked crew. Mardan and our new family in Sima Guesthouse near Hampi. Erik and Esther for hooking me up the ticket. And to all the other homies who made it out for the trip!!! Hope to see you all again sooner then later!

I will be independently releasing the 3 - 4 short documentaries in November.   

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