Wednesday, January 15, 2014


Immediately as we landed in the Colombian capital Bogota the vibe changed; smiles all round, laughter, happy faces and big big big Colombian culitos (butts). We quickly exchanged some money and had a good time with the little ladies as they laughed at Jyes lack of Spanish and his devilish good looks.
We were greeted by 2 of our good friends from Australia Javier Coca (who was was born and raised in Bogota) and none other then Sir Camaron Sparkecito who may as well have been born and raised in Colombia. It was a collision of worlds with one of my best homies from Barcelona another Colomiano Papayo and his Algerian born girlfriend Sarah who is extremely linguistically gifted, fluently speaking 6 languages, none of which are English.
We stayed in Javiers family home and were treated like utter kings. Never in my life/travels have I ever been treated with such hospitality. Breakfast, lunch and dinner (often with cakes, exotic fruits, snacks, smoothies, juices in between) were always a full blown feast with a full spread covering the table and Javis charming mother running around trying to put more on our plates and asking us funny little questions. My favorite was when we got back at the end of the trip and she asked us if we hooked up with Colombian girls, when some of us answered yes, with a cheeky laugh and a mischievous smile she asked "y por el culo tambien?". Ruthcita if u read this we all send our love and hope to see you down in Australia in 2014!!!!
We skated around town and were amazed, Bogota could be summed up as a latino version of frisco. Lots of hill bombs and amazing rough spots. The people were not as menacing as the stories you hear although one nigh we got chased for about 1km by a mariachi trying to sell us weed.      

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this is awesome. well done boys!

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