Sunday, October 12, 2014

The Real Bolivia Edit. By Cleveland Jake.

So hyped to have some serious dancing footage in the video, its about time someone respected these moves.

Also I have to take seriously take my hat off to Jake. I have been working on a documentary about the builders (all the guys you see in this edit) who actually built the park. It is really hard work making a video and Jake made this 100% free for the builders, who he himself poured a month of his life into the project building with his camera by his side.

He's a hard worker and a good bloody bloke, I hope you enjoy his film!

As for my edit, im trying too sell it at the moment to make back some money for the ticket I paid to get over there. Its finished and should be hopefully live very very soon.  

Condensed Flesh Issue 6 (La Paz) from Noid Films on Vimeo.

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