Monday, November 10, 2008


i woke up sunday hung over as a motherfucker!!! so i hit the cold wet streets for a serious walk to check out krakow! the city is very nice! lots of old buildings, nice parks, churches etc etc etc. this city is a lot older then warsaw as 90% of warsaw was completly flattened during the war!!!!
the little gypsy girl playing the baby accordian was shredding! but with no smile! ):
the pigeons were fucking everywere and they were the ugliest fattest ones i had ever seen!!!!
sunday night i was so psyched because mary jane was coming to meet up with me. an hour before she came i pumped into the grommies downstairs in the hostel and they made me play some drinking game. ofcourse they all schooled me and by the time i met chay i was blasted homes!
haahahhaha she got a firm grip of the polish cherry vodka and payed the price! i think she killed 3/4s pf the bottle and was so sick!!! projectild vommitting EVERYWERE!!! ahahhha i was laughing so much! it was amazing! she frist spewed in an ash tray and all around it in a bard called "LIZARD KING" hahahah. the bar man was bummed and said "this is not the toilet" colder then ice! hahahaha
the following day we browed down with the pope memorial, mobed through a cementary ate so much food.
the airport was rad! we got so so so so so drunk! i purchased a bottle of cherry vodka at duty free as i had no alcohol in barcelona and i was meeting up with my good brah yancy who was arriving from america the same time i got back from poland! some sprowtas hooked me up up with some schlottas in change for some euros! when we got on the plane security same on and were searching for somthing! the flight was neally delayed as mary jane had some onion stick things! they thought it smelt like a petrol leak! hahahahhahah was so fucking funny! this was the 50th flight i ever took in my life! believe me we joined that mile high clubbbbb!!!!


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