Wednesday, November 5, 2008


alright. warsaw was rad but i couldnt find anything to skate so i bailed them shits! took an overnight train to krakow! sketchy ride of my life! there was no seats left so i had to stand up for the 7 hour journey! the train was full of the sketchiest dudes i have EVER seen!! i thought i must have gotten on the con train! i had to stand in the shitty smelling section outside the toilet! a gnarly big chav/adlay dude with a missing eye and face and hands covered in cigarette burns, little fight wounds was smoking heavily on his cigarette 1.5 meters close to me starring me down exhailing the smoke at me! lucky i had a bit of a sweet buzz from the beers i had just pooned! i then broed down with a gnarly skin head dude!!! he told me to watch out cos people would bash me for fun cos i look funny! hahahahahah...then i met a dude who was 24 travelling to krakow to meet his 43 year old girlfriend!!!!! he told me his buisness was grand theft auto!!!! and then kindly for some reason gave me his seat for the night!!!!!! i couldnt believe it! i strapped my things to me and held tight! at 7 i was woken up by the grand theft auto brah and we were pulling upto krakow!!!!! luckily otherwise i would have probably ended up in russia! hahaahha. when we got of the train he was greated by his girlfriend! he wasnt talking shit!!!! then bailed of with her PSYCCCHING!!!
i soon found a hostel and got in contact with a polish friend wiktor. a few hours later he came and pciked me up and we went for a shredddd! he took me to an AMAZING wooden bowl that was built inside an old abadoned hotel pool!! i met some rad grommies in the hostel i was staying out and went out and raged heay with them and destroyed porogii! this rad polish food! dumpling with meat inside!!!
the following night there was a fallen skate premiere ate the bowl! this night was dope! we went back to some homeboys house after it! got wasted and raged! it was pure black out! hahaha i ate afox sausage to wich was raddddddd!!!
that drinking dog was fucking RAGE!!! and the painting of the gypsey woman is one of the sexiest things i have ever seeeeeen!!! boomb boom chitty bannnng!

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piniata babs said...

haha lad we hit the same polski microwaved food house as you in the pics ahhahaha did you hit the maddog shots? wodka and tabasco and raspberry??

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