Wednesday, December 10, 2008


matty and yancy man got absolutly maggot while crossing the border into france! we visited biaritz and the cheeky buggers turned back up to the car with a case in hand! but rees and i had driving to attend to! they smashed the beers; and the piss breaks were plentiful. i rember one break clearly. we were feeding kittens! they were cool. and we ran into a wierd guy who we suspect is a serial killer. he was staying in our room some 6 hours away in bilbao! so it was well wierd to see him! we carried on driving throuhg the night as long as we could! the black out boys were sleeping like little babies in the back. we were running very fine on gas so we slept at a gas station the night! yancy aparently woke up during the middle of the night and had a stunt mazz while standing up in his sleeping bag facing the road! pure gangsta-ism!!!!

matty was woken up on the hard cold cement by a huge rock wieler sniffing him!!!! the owener of the station was laughing at us! we bombed on to marsielle! ON THE WAY I NEALLY SHAT NMY PANTS WHEN I SAW THE FULLPIPES!!! but ofcourse on closer inspection they were unskateable as they had metal stips on the inside. and it wasnt very inviting as morrocon workers next to it were launching rocks at us.

DONT arrive at marsielle friday afternoon peak hour! oh my god it was helllll and we were loving it!!! when we entered the city there was a park jam packed with fellow gypsys and other assorted scoundrals! car horns BEEEEEEEEEEEEPING, potatos being thrown out of buildings above schooling cars! "old salty whores"-yancy and a whole lotta fun to be had!!!!

finaly we found the park, hit a swim watched some of the best skating we have ever seen and even caught the sun set!!!!!! and the french sprowt was plentiful!!!!!!

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To Buy/Stock/Distribute Gypsy Skateboards contact: