Sunday, January 18, 2009


so for along time both mary and i have really wanted to go to india! hahahha we found the extreme poor mans version just north of coffs harbour! elephants with ripped of trunks and graffed up...
we were caught by the police for sleeping in the back of my truck by a police officer who rudeley woke us at 7 in the morning. but luckily for us he let us of with a warning! trying to think of somwere to sleep we bombed it out to minyon falls in the national park in between byron and nimbin. or arrival there was a fat little koala chilling in a tree. it was the first one i have ever seen in the wild! so this was raaaad!!! we even got super close to him!
we realised u could trek 3.5 kilomteres through ruff as terrain to the bottom of the waterfall! so of we went! it was so so so amazing! we had a massive fresh water hole to ourselves. and we took showers under the fall! so rad after a long ass walk. with daylight growing thin we bombed it to a campsite within the national park. epuiped with electrical bbqs and fire places and free fire wood everywere.
we were greated by a goanna lurking near a near-bye tent when we woke up. he was cool and we chased him into the bush! we re-visited the top of minyon falls, and yet again it blew me away! up the track a little there was a MASSIVE tree wich had recently been blwon over...we bought some macadamien nuts from a roadside store and were crusing solid to nimbin!!!!!!!!!

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