Wednesday, March 7, 2012


Ive always had a great love for Portugal from when i made some good friends from there back in Barcelona in 2007. A few months later i went over for a  9 day visit and skated with them in Lisbon and from then on always had desires to return and explore more of this amazing country. Now that we are living in La Coruna in North Western Spain, which is only a 2.5 hour drive from the Portuguese border, it seemed like the perfect time to check out the Northern city of Oporto. 

There is a lot of Portuguese bbq chicken places in Sydney and funnily enough a famous Portugese style chicken burger fast food chain called 'Oporto' so i was once again looking forward to finding that good good chicken. We drunkenly strolled the streets of Oporto on the fine summers afternoon but had no luck with finding the chicken spots, although we did go through some sketchy hoods and loved every part of this beautiful old city. We even found some amazing skate spots and stupidly took a little van for a drunken test drive at 1 in the morning. When the man realized that we were going to sleep on the street he insisted that we sleep in the van for the night. We wanted tio buy this little beast and he was going to sell it to us for 1000 euros ($1200) but in the end it was a very complicated situation with changing ownership from country to country.  

After being away from Europe for 3 months now i sure am missing these fun weekend trips with Mary Jane. ): I have been spending the Australian summer helping my dad with tree work on the Mid North Coast. I am a little behind in regards to blog updates because between tree climbing and catching up with friends and family i have been on the road for the last month with little to no computer access. Got a lot of amazing photos, stories and videos to post up over the next months and i will try to update daily as im now back with my computer. 

Shane Cross party in peace amigo! 5 years since u moved along for the next glory ride! That young mans spirit will ride with us all to the grave!!!!! 

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