Sunday, March 18, 2012


Well im only about 4 months behind with my blogs, put it down to pure laziness and to many good times in Australia. Been back down here since the end of November to visit family and friends. Anyways these photos were from my last weekend in Europe, firstly in Barcelona. it was Chays dads 60th birthday and we had a feast and celebration up in the mountains with the family which was amazing. 

On my way to the airport for my early flight i ran into Matzi who was bringing an unlucky girl home. i also ran into Bruno and Marco about 50 meters up the street, and it hit me that this place is now more home then home for me. 

I had a night stop over in London and was blessed to spend 24 hours with Palmy, we stacked it correctly for breakfast on the day of my flight. As u have seen on the blog i was only in this exact house 1 month earlier and the harsh weather has already hit hard, at this point i was returning home without looking back as winter (and what turned out to be a very cold one) was about to hit hard!

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