Wednesday, April 18, 2012

G RAD and Vegetable Patch!

G-Rad and i were trying to film some funny tailblock thing, he was trying to run a full 360 around me while filming, slipped out, nearly capped his camera but ended up taking off a load of skin!

For some years now I have had a passion for self sufficient living, and have been reading some books and watching various documentaries on the topic. My mum nowadays also is every interested in the same topic and is completely die hard in terms of living a healthy lifestyle in regards to eating fresh organic vegetables/fruit blah blah blah. So when i was in Sydney for a week I spent 1 day ripping up the useless lawn, aerating and adding soil from under our compost and now she has 2 gardens jam packed with fresh organic vegetables/berries/spices. I was seriously blown  away at how easy it was to grow lettuce (she has 5 varieties), cherry tomatoes, we also had cucumber, strawberries, pumpkin (which self seeded, possibly from the compost), spinach, silver beet and many others. If even have a square meter of lawn in your backyard, rip it up and make use of the space!!! Theres also a range of growing techniques to have gardens inside an apartment if u dont have a yard available! Nothing tastes better then vegetables straight of the tree . . . tomatoes and lettuce have never tasted the same for me ever since!

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