Thursday, April 19, 2012


I spoke to Syd and he advised me to get to Callums little brothers 18th birthday party ASAP were a couple homies were kicking it and besides that there was a whole roasted lamb which Callum proceeded to rip into pieces! After Callum terrorized his little brothers party we blazed it to the city, running into lots of people including a drunken Jake Hayes. I stupidly thought I had to meet the Austrians that night so I skated around the city for hours in search of them with no luck (as they were actually arriving the following night).

The following day we skated around the city and had all round funny man Cameron Sparkes with us, who was up in arms when we found the Gaylord restaurant. I hit it to the bus station again that night and fell asleep for hours on the ground  surrounded by other sleeping bodies, when i awoke at about 2.30am the Austrians were stepping of their bus, and had smuggled liters of rum into one of the most alcohol expensive countries in the world!!!

The following day we bombed it around town, hit the beach at St Kilda and took down a few of those smuggled bottles with the boys at Lang St, and of course Andrew Prior ranted and raved until early hours of the morning producing endless laughs.

Thomas and Alex are always down for saving the odd dollar, bin raiding at the local fruit market in Prahran became a daily routine. The first mission was no doubt our most successful, finding a bunch of perfect fruit including some of the biggest avocados which would actually cost $3 (2.50 euro) each in the shop. Later in the afternoon we spoke with Syd and it was confirmed that we were going to head down to Callums holiday house in Moggs Creek for the next few days . . . we nailed a cheeky happy hour jug of beer stocked up on supplies, said goodbye to Prior and Gayfag and we were off on a mission to loose many more brain cells.       

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