Monday, October 15, 2012



1. We got the wrong direction tram to the Sunday market twice and had to change trams losing time.
2. When we arrived to the perfect local mini ramp that Niels was raving on about it had been pulled apart hence sunday afternoon skate stitched up.
3. On the way to Niels homies house to watch the football final it started pouring raining and we got soaked.
4. Get very drunk to make up for the stitch ups
5. Spain wins Euro cup for the millionth consecutive year.
6. We meet some guy on the street who tells us that he drinks his own pee everyday at 5pm for health reasons, he ends up proving his point by drinking my pee from a Sternburg bottle. I think his name was Paul . . . . . LEGEND 
7. Niels meets a girl and then gets stitched up because she starts beating up Syd and tries to break his camera because he took a photo of the english slag flirting with our boy Niels. Callum snatches the camera back and then she starts beating him up and had a firm grip on his golden locks, I had to literally remove her by wedging my back up against a wall and my foot on her throat . . . sorry slageress. 
8. Slag calls police and Niels has to bail us out of a court case.
9. Bar staff are forced to play 'Sandstorm' then the mood goes through the roof and Syd buys rounds of shots.
10. Syd slams super hard on the skate home while the sun was rising.   
11. Ate some 2.50 Kebab, not a stitch up
12. Some guy nearly runs me over on the way home and we get in a little scuffle. 
13. Hangover and im sure we couldnt get Niels out of bed until about 3-4 the following arvo.




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