Thursday, June 27, 2013

Bangalore . . .India . . . 1

I was lucky enough to join my good friends the '2er crew' from Hannover Germany this time in Bangalore, India to document a 1 month trip around the sub continent . . . Over the next weeks u will see the blogs and what unfolded during the course of the trip. There was ups downs and all arounds. I would personally like to thank Robin & Arne for getting me on this and to Eric & Esther at Levis for hooking me up with the job!
Basically Robin and Arne (pictured bellow on bike) went to India a year ago and met legendary Indian skaters 'Soms' & 'Shake' and promised them that they would come back a year later with a crew to help build the first free public skatepark in India. With some serious hardwork from Robin & Arne and much needed support from Levis this dream became a reality. Over 25 skaters from Germany, Uk, America and Australia converged to construct something more then just a skatepark.
My joining to the trip was kind of a last minute hoo haa. I was there to document the trip that would follow the building of the skatepark in Bangalore. We would build a bowl in one of the most remote villages in central India, make numerous friends and make memories that will stick with us, like the friends for a lifetime.
Edits should be dropping in August! Enjoy following our adventures and the hype build up through  my photos and stories.

"Shanti Shanti nice yeah" -  Mardan Guest house owner in Hampi

"Thing just happen in there own way in India" Eule 2er mob boss   

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