Wednesday, June 5, 2013


Train rides in Sri Lanka are a thrilling experience! Literally have to barge your way in through the mosh pit of other train riders with a serious lack of train etiquette, but once your on and if your lucky enough to get a seat you are in for some seriously nice scenery! When we arrived at our destination we were greeted by the news that 30 people had died that same day in a train accident. No big deal a train just collided with an elephant. 
We visited the temple capital Anuradhapura and hands down the highlight of the short stay was our visit to heaven for 10 rupees which i think is around 20cents . . . Flood waters were rising so it felt time to split that unheavly. 

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Kuiz said...

your blog is very cool, it's always make my day!!
I feel like I go there myself :D

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