Sunday, January 13, 2013


The energy of Guca can never be captured by camera. On the final night we went to the main stage, people of all ages young and old dancing away enjoying the music among literally a sea of more then 100,000 people with beer or rakija the drinks of choice. 

In the distance we noticed a small circus tent that was bellowing smoke and we could hear a motorbike at full stick inside. When we paid our 1 euro and ventured up the very unstable stairs our eyes wouldnt believe what would take place inside. Like a cartoon a man and woman rode around the walls on their bikes, hands in the air, no safety protection waving to the crowd with a very serious expressionless face. The whole tent and platform we were standing on was shaking violently as the motorbikes shot around the arena. The oxygen replaced with bike exhaust, a thin piece of string the only thing between us and a roaring motorbike to the face the crowd screamed as the bikers compromised life and limb to put some food on the table for their families. 

Like an extended scene from Black Cat White Cat by Emir Kusturica your senses are shot from the smells of the slow cooking spiced meat, the strong taste of the Rakija to the high energy and enthusiasm of the musicians, Guca festival is in a league of its own! Ive spent a lot of time in Europe over the last years and I strongly recommend if planning a trip to Europe leave the millions of tourists behind in Western and Central Europe and head East ! ! !

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