Tuesday, January 15, 2013


We woke up with private lake views and the warm summer sky enticed me into taking a little hike, I heard some guys doing some logging up in the forrest so I decided to go say hello to my fellow tree workers. To get up to where the guys were it was a really steep ascent on crumbly gravel rock, so on many occasions I was sliding further down then climbing. When I arrived the guys yelled out violently at me shouting something in Serbian and began to run at me, rather then getting ripped apart by this bear of a human I basically slid down the mountain on my back and at the end had to jump of a little cliff to a tree and climb down it. Mental note, dont fuck with Serbian loggers. 

We sadly said our goodbyes to the lake spot, we could have spent the rest of our time there and left Serbia content, but Sarajevo, Bosnia was in our sights. Although the distances are not so far in the Balkans the roads are extremely long and slow as u weave your way around and over mountains instead of taking tunnels straight through in the West of Europe. But in doing this the scenery and drives are very entertaining until u nearly get wiped out by a head on truck over taking a bus on a blind corner. We followed a river which marks the border for a long time anticipating what Bosnia was going to be like as it was in our sights just on the other side or the river. As we continued for what felt like hours the two sides looked identical, romantic little riverside cottages with veggie patches and maybe a few goats and cows and it was a depressing to think of the blood shed that took place in recent years between to two countries.

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To Buy/Stock/Distribute Gypsy Skateboards contact: http://www.maccaronidistribution.com/