Thursday, August 8, 2013

Hampi . . . Central India . . . Street fires and the great escape!

For some reason a bunch of people decided to experiment with acid this night. Then a few people decided it would be good to go for a motobike ride and search into the darkness for the mysterious drums we could hear playing in the distance. For some reason we found out that there was some celebrations over the other side of the river in Hampi. Long story short we stole a little boat and paddled across the river with planks of wood or whatever we could get pour hands on. . . whilst paddling and the boat taking on water at a rapid pace someone brought up that they heard someone mention there was crocodiles in the this river... When we reached the other side we stashed our boat for the return trip and followed the lucid sound of bongo slapping which led us to this mental little street party with a huge fire in the middle of the street. After the celebrations we walked through the massive temple, weaving our way over bodies which covered the floor. When we returned to our boat we were sprung by the police who told us to go back to our hostel and go away from the river or they would take us away. We couldnt tell them we had stolen a boat so we had to take a loooong walk around, sneak on hands and knees along the water, quickly flip our boat into the water and paddle into the darkness to escape the police. The master plan somehow worked and I dont think I ever laughed so hard in my entire life.

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